WAGE organizations

WAGE has been in existence since the late 1950’s, and has served as an effective coordinating body for independent public Employee Associations and Unions across America.

If you would like your independent public employee organization to be part of something different, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the Working Assembly of Governmental Employees.


  1. California Association of Psychiatric Technicians (CAPT), Pomona, CA.
  2. Carson City Employees Association (CCEA), Carson City, NV.
  3. Classified Association of Central Oregon Community College (CACOCC), Bend , OR.
  4. Dayton Metro Library Staff Association (DMLSA), Dayton, OH.
  5. Escondido City Employees Association (ECEA), Escondido, CA.
  6. Glendale City Employees’ Association (GCEA), Glendale, CA.
  7. Indiana State Employees Association (ISEA), Indianapolis, IN.
  8. Las Vegas City Employees Association (LVCEA), Las Vegas, NV.
  9. Modesto Confidential and Management Association (MCMA), Modesto, CA.
    ––. Oklahoma Public Employees Association (OPEA), Oklahoma City, OK
  10. Organization of SMUD Employees (OSE), Sacramento, CA.
  11. San Diego County Court Employees Association (SDCCEA), San Diego, CA.
  12. San Luis Obispo County Employees Association (SLOCEA), San Luis Obispo, CA.
  13. Utah Public Employees Association (UPEA), Murray, UT.
  14. Virginia Governmental Employees Association (VGEA), Richmond, VA.
  15. Washoe County Employees Association (WCEA), Reno, NV.
  16. Water Employees Association (WEA), Las Vegas, NV.