These testimonials highlight some of the ways that WAGE provides an opportunity for collaboration and support when it’s needed. We invite you to contact us for more informaiton, or contact any of our member organizations to find out how WAGE helps them offer the most to their membership.


Dear Fellow Independent Public Employee Organizations,

The Organization of SMUD Employees (OSE) is a long time member of WAGE.  We are a small independent Union, representing approximately 500 employees of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, a public utility.  We place a tremendous value in our WAGE membership.

Our participation in WAGE offers us the opportunity to keep abreast of national trends in issues that are relevant to public employees.  Through our WAGE membership, we are able to share new and innovative ideas with other independent Unions and Associations.  Our WAGE membership enables us to participate in a variety of informative and topical workshops and seminars.

One of the most valuable aspects of our WAGE membership is the network of contacts we have developed that we are able to call upon when needed and the ability to draw from their experiences and resources.

The OSE wholeheartedly encourages your participation.  Please feel free to contact me at (916)-628-0529 or if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Danette Shipley
Organization of SMUD Employees
President/Executive Director

The Judicial Employees of Northern Nevada would not exist if it weren’t for WAGE. The WAGE Conference last December provided the networking and inspiration to help us take the giant step forward and unify even though we knew we would not be immediately recognized and would encounter much opposition. Washoe County Employee Association (WCEA) was responsible for getting me to the WAGE conference last year with the statement that the conference would ‘get me fired up again’. They were right. WAGE re-motivated us during a time when a new court administration was treating employees unfairly and using the county financial crisis as an excuse or using it as a veiled threat.

Last May, WCEA and San Diego County Court Employee Association (SDCCEA) met with us, provided us with guidance, legal counsel and great advice to get us going. WCEA and SDCCEA worked very hard to get their Board support and setting up the meeting. The meeting was very productive and we now have almost finalized our by-laws, our web page will be up by the end of the month, we are starting to collect dues, people are hearing about us and our numbers continue to grow.

It has become apparent that even though we are not yet recognized, we have become a force to be dealt with. That is all because of WAGE.

JEANN—Judicial Employees Association of Northern Nevada

When the city management was looking to make cut-backs to our members COLAS and merits. CCEA was able to negotiate with management and softened the hit to our members, freezing COLA and merits in exchange for an increase to member paid leave.  This was a great benefit to our members and also to management, with that past agreement it has helped CCEA bridge the gap with management and create a working relationship with management.  It was all possible with the networking with other WAGE members and also the training sessions at the workshops.

CCEA-Carson City Employees Association